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    1. PRODUCT

      Yangzhou Boyang Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd. was established in Year 1998. We rely on our own effort in spirit of self-reliance, self-reliance, struggle and innovation, provide many high quality IVD(In Vitro Diagnostic),laboratory, pet diagnostics, medical consumables, and win good reputation from customers.

      Nowadays, we have been growing, and being a giant in IVD and medical industry.We are now the member of Medical Device Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, and the member of the National Association of Medical Clincal Supplies. Our market is all over the world. For two consecutive years,we were awarded the title of "Top 10 great private enterprises" and "Star private enterprises" by government.


      Professional focus and reputation are the royal way

      The company adheres to the principle of "continuous innovation and honesty"

      Strong production capacity and introduction of high and new technology

      After years of development, the company has a number of enterprise management

      Strong team strength, to protect

      Provide professional after-sales service, solve problems for customers, do not delay the production progress of customers

      In the post epidemic era, multiple detec...

      With the extensive vaccination of New Coronavirus vaccine and the continuous strengthening ...

      Development status of IVD in China

      The development of the in vitro diagnostic reagents in China is analyzed. COVID-19 detection reagent...

      What happened to the IVD industry? They ...

      In recent years, with the continuous reform of China's medical system and people's increasing concer...

      IVD industry: looking forward to the hea...

      "For in vitro diagnostic reagents, we are going to establish a management mode that is different fro...

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